Sue Zange is the author and creator of The Enhance your Light ~ Enhance your Life Programme ®¬†

Sue is gifted with a combination of skills and abilities which enable her to sense, interpret and transform within the realm of subtle invisible energies.

Sue founded  Inspirit in 1999, in order to educate and inform others on the subject of subtle energies and higher awareness.  For over 15 years, she offered a wide range of training courses on the specialism of energy field healing, personal and spiritual growth, and higher consciousness development.

Sue pioneered and developed advanced higher level techniques for healing through the body’s energy field, training therapists and healers to be skilled to work within subtle energies for the transformation of their clients well-being.

One of the primary skills of working with energy, is the development of 'higher vision' so that the energy flows can be 'seen' and worked with. Therefore, the healer training had to include techniques for visualising which would work rapidly and effectively for the trainees. Also, a pre-requisite for a good quality healer is the higher vibrational state that is achieved through meditation. Again, a method to develop the students' skills was required.

Sue therefore developed the techniques of this Programme. They have been applied for many years through a wide variety of training courses, and it has been shown to be highly successful. The method is completely unique, you will not find it anywhere else.

Sue is a speaker and author, speaking regularly at Health shows, Mind Body Spirit events, Colleges and Groups on the subject of subtle energies and spiritual growth.

Sue has created and produced a range of CD’s for meditation and energy awareness.

Her book ‘The Energies of your Life’ giving an insight to the subtle energy transactions that affect life, was published in 2015.

To learn more about Sue's work with private Clients, visit the Sue Zange website

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